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Keeping our loved ones safe is our top concern.  We will get past this and will continue to make the world a safer place for our children. Please stay healthy for the sake of your children.  




You want to keep them safe when you travel ... so do we.

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The Baby Life Seat will meet and exceed all National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration regulations AS WELL AS transport easily and seamlessly to a boat or an airplane meeting and exceeding all those government agency regulations as well. In the event of an emergency, your Baby Life Seat is now locatable with a GPS location chip and smart phone app for you or FIRST RESPONDERS. Now your baby is as safe as you or safer everywhere you travel.


This is the very first infant seat that meets United States Coast Guard regulations for a PFD (personal flotation device, like a life jacket for adults) on open water to give your baby the same protection you have in case of an emergency on or over open water. Our GPS chip – smartphone app will aid in recovery of the Baby Life Seat by Coast Guard authorities with worldwide application. Now your baby is as safe or safer everywhere you travel.


This is the very first infant seat that is NHTSA, USCG, and now Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified for travel. In the air, no longer will you hear the statement “in case of emergency the attendant can provide…….for your baby”. Imagine an emergency in the air and you try to get the attendant to fetch a baby flotation item? Now, your baby will be already seated in a Coast Guard, and FAA, certified flotation carrier with GPS tracking capability in case of emergency. Once again, now your baby is as safe or safer everywhere you travel.

About Us

The Baby Life Seat is a new invention. A car seat for babies that floats and self-rights in the water and is GPS locator - smart phone app enabled. The prototype has been tested by the U.S. Coast Guard for certification as a required-by-law infant PFD (personal flotation device,…



What They Say About Us


After careful consideration, I am of the belief that upon its final testing and certification as a car seat/PFD, the Baby Life Seat will be significant step forward in cross travel industry infant safety. The Baby Life Seat will be a differentiator in product offerings and I will look forward to discussing licensing and branding opportunities with the Company once…

⁓ Doug Oaks

"I take great pride in the work I was able to do as Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. But in all those years, I do not recall seeing such an innovative and unique a safety product as the Baby Life Seat prototype. I am excited that this product will finally provide travel safety for infants on land, on…
Hon. Mark V. Rosenker
Former Chairman of National Transportation Safety Board

“All children deserve life-saving protection whether traveling on the road, in the air, or on the water, but unfortunately, no product exists that protects infants during all three modes of travel. Having seen the Baby Life Seat prototype, I'm encouraged that finally, a product may soon become commercially available to provide this critical need.” (Oct. 2014) Tom Baloga President BMW…
Tom Baloga

"After many years working in the aerospace industry and with government entities dedicated to safety, in my opinion, the tested Baby Life Seat prototype has taken infant safety a giant leap forward. In a world where safety has become paramount and the most sought after travel requirement, this new innovation greatly advances efforts to keep babies safe across every travel…
David Mandell
Former Chief of Staff, Federal Aviation Administration

"After years of working to ensure safety for every person traveling on the water and now serving on the Underwriters Laboratories Standards Technical Panel for PFDs, I consider the tested Baby Life Seat prototype to be a giant step forward in ensuring infant safety on the water, as well as filling a long standing void in the availability of PFD…
Robert Markle
Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, Chief of Lifesaving & Fire Safety (retired)

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