Starting A Family

Starting a Family? What a mind-blowing deviation from a single-life or newlywed life. It is such an exciting decision and a 90-degree life change. There is so much you want to know.

Fast forward to When you meet your baby for the first time, either by birth, adoption or kinship, it is undoubtedly one of the most amazing moments in your life – the emotions are flowing through you like a waterfall – ebbing between sheer joy, tremendous feelings of deep love and devotion, and an awesome sense of “grown-up” responsibility.

But there are other feelings, such as worrying about how you will protect and provide for this new little person in your life. Will I be able to handle all the responsibilities? Am I really ready for this?

There’s so much on your plate, but here’s one item that should be a “no-brainer”. When you travel, you want your helpless and dependent baby to have the best and safest travel protection available.

Safety is one area that you should always be mindful of and never let your guard down, ever. Which brings us to the next generation baby car seat, the Baby Life Seat. We are raising the money to get to market and launching a Kickstarter Campaign on August 15th.

Now in development, it is the safest design for an infant carrier to be coming to market. It floats your baby on the water in case of an emergency and will be certified as a Personal Flotation Device. It will be government certified across all transportation modes and it has a GPS locator chip with a smartphone app for you and first responders to always be able to find it.

While there are some amazingly safe car seats in the world, no one has ever created an infant baby seat that meets the safety requirements of not only an automobile, but also air and boat travel that is safe for all transportation modes for children under two years of age.

It is brightly covered and is equipped with a blinking light beacon to aid in a rescue.

It can be installed quickly and easily into any seat on an airplane – it acts as a floatation device that keeps your baby high on the water should a water landing occur and also helps during airplane turbulence.

While the US Coast Guard has tested the BLS prototype, we will be opening up our Kickstarter campaign on August 15th to raise funding for the final certifications by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Will you help us make the Baby Life Seat a reality? Every penny raised is a step in the right direction to make traveling with your new baby the safest possible experience. Learn more at

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