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About the Baby Life Seat

  • The Baby Life Seat is a new invention. A car seat for babies that floats and self-rights in the water and is GPS locator enabled.
  • The prototype has been tested by the US Coast Guard for certification as a required-by-law infant PFD (personal flotation device, like a life jacket for adults) on watercraft and airplanes. It will have a GPS locator, be durable and well cushioned, brightly colored for ease in locating and have reflective materials. It will also have water/UV resistant construction, extensive cushioning and appeal to safety conscious new parents, grandparents, caretakers and just about everyone who loves and cares for babies and wants them to be as safe as possible when traveling.
  • The Baby Life Seat (BLS) is in Beta mode. This means that the prototype has been tested by the Coast Guard for use as a life saving device for babies, but the finished market ready version needs to be built and brought to market.
  • The Baby Life Seat is required by already existing law on airplanes and boats.  The Coast Guard want to see it built for safety’s sake. In fact, they collaborated with us to perfect usage and meet their strict requirements for certification.
  • The Baby Life Seat is a game changer, there are no certified flotation device competitors globally in the marine or airline markets, and the laws already exist that a flotation safety device must be available for every passenger on a plane or a boat. We will be the first product to fill this need for infants traveling and offer the safety enhancement of a GPS locator. This creates a huge market in the U.S. and globally.

Company Overview

The PROBLEM We’ve Gotten Comfortable Living with Infants under 2 years of age travel at risk from turbulence on airplanes, water emergencies, kidnapping, unexpected weather events and more situations threatening their safety. So do all of us, but our babies are at greater risk because they can’t walk, run or swim to get to safety. They can’t talk either. The problem we saw when developing the Baby Life Seat is that new parents struggle more than ever before, because today we travel more. We often need to get on airplanes and boats in order to vacation or visit family living far away and there has been no simple solution to providing the same level of safety for our babies that we enjoy.

The SOLUTION We Developed

It is a strong biological mandate for mother and father, with the mother often carrying the greatest burden, to nurture and protect their new baby while traveling. There needed to be a better way to keep a baby safe. We called the Coast Guard and they admitted there was no life saving aid, like a life jacket, for a baby on ocean waters. And then we saw that car seats for babies were not taken on boats and seldom used on airplanes, since they might be seen as a hazard.

And so the idea developed that we would create a safe car seat that not only floats and self-rights in the water, but also meets Global Coast Guard standards for certification as a life saving device for babies. A huge challenge that had us working closely with the U.S. Coast Guard and pouring all of our savings, pension and other money into getting the many models built over several years. Finally, we found the perfect model to be tested. We tested at Underwriters Laboratories for the Coast Guard and our Prototype passed all tests.

And then we added a GPS locator device so you can always find and know where your Baby Life Seat is at any moment. If you can find your iPhone, why not more importantly your baby.

More than supporting this important cause, the Baby Life Seat already has existing law* on its side and will be required, as are lifejackets for all passengers, on boats and planes.

*Federal Law requiring a flotation device on aircraft for every passenger: 14CFR121.339(a)(1)
*Federal Law requiring a flotation device on watercraft for every passenger: 33CFR175.15


We are asking you:

  • To be part of a mission to bring safety-in-travel to babies who are now at risk when traveling
  • To take this giant leap with us to change the world for the better.
  • To become part of the solution to the problem of babies at risk.
  • To spend a few dollars on a product that will help save a helpless life.

    We are bringing the Baby Life Seat to market in service to most fragile of humans, the newest members of our family who depend on us to help them survive to adulthood – our young babies. 

    Please make a donation of any amount. To save even one life, to find even one child, to prevent even one tragedy taking one baby from us. And you can make it happen.