Where We Are and What We Offer to An Investor

We are seeking the money and support to get the GPS-enabled and patented Baby Life Seat, car seat/PFD infant safety device, to market. This is important on so many levels, because our babies under 2 years of age travel will little safety protections compared to traveling adults. We have successfully tested the prototype with the U.S. Coast Guard and will offer equity to a qualified (by SEC standards) investor.

Why The Baby Life Seat?

•        It is a consumer product with Blue Ocean marketing potential. In other words, it is a product in a New Space that is undeveloped and untapped. In the Airline transportation and Marine industries, there is no ocean worthy flotation safety device for an infant passenger. The laws in both industries require a flotation safety device for every passenger, but there simply isn’t any tested and government certified product available. Now there is with the Baby Life Seat.

•        A consumer product with innovative technology as a compelling option to differentiate from possible competitors as the product of choice. The flotation PFD status and GPS locator in the Baby Life Seat will set us apart from other infant carrier choices in the car seat category. In the Airline and Marine industries, where we will currently have no similar safety seat/flotation competitors, this GPS feature will be a great aid to rescue professionals in the event of an accident. It will also provide transportation purveyors with a great marketing tool to attract families traveling and enhance their public safety image.